Shiba - 7x10 Kilim Area Rug

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Style: Kilim Area Rug
Dimensions: 6'11” x 9'9" | 211 x 298 cm.                         Condition: New

Primary color: Denim Blue, Ivory
Accent color: White

Origin: Made in Afghanistan
Materials: 100% hand-spun wool with a cotton foundation
Construction: Hand-knotted

Infuse your living space with modern artistry and a touch of the avant-garde with this contemporary rug. The piece features a striking geometric pattern, where bold, asymmetric lines in crisp white slice through a serene blue backdrop, reminiscent of the calm of ocean waves breaking into a rhythmic dance on the shore. This design invites not only a visual but also a textural play, with plush hand-knotted wool that offers comfort underfoot.

Perfect for the modern home or an office space seeking a dash of style, this rug is an epitome of chic sophistication. It's not just a rug; it's a statement, embodying The Rug Mine's commitment to creating pieces that are as thought-provoking and expressive as they are elegant.

Genuine. Authentic. Handmade.

This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind item. It is common for slight variations in wear, color and dimensions to occur. Depending on the lighting in your home and the light display setting on the device, the colors of our rugs may look slightly different in your home.

Ethically Sourced

We know what goes into our rugs and who makes them. We don't cut corners for you or the artisan.

Cleaning & Care

Handmade rugs with natural dyes can last for generations with proper care.


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