Customizing an Heirloom Masterpiece

We are proud to offer custom handmade rugs to clients that want the finest materials and an intimate experience.

Our process begins with you, our client. You will be intimately involved during the process, from approving the initial design to approving the colors of the vegetable-dyed wool. Our team of expert rug makers in Afghanistan will craft your rug with the highest quality Afghan wool and natural dyes.

The wool is hand-spun and hand-dyed to create beautiful, intricate designs that last. We use vegetable-dyed wool, which is naturally dyed with natural materials, creating vibrant and unique colors. You can rest assured that the wool used for your rug is of the highest quality and has been tested for durability and luster.

Once the rug is complete, we will send you a picture of the final product for your approval. Our team of expert artisans will ensure that your rug is of the highest quality and meets your expectations. After your approval, your rug will be packaged and shipped directly to you.

We are proud to offer you a unique and exclusive experience of customizing a one-of-a-kind handmade rug with the finest materials. With our handmade customization process in Afghanistan, you can be sure that your rug will be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

Below is a summary of the process.

  1. Craft the Design and Choose the Colors

    First, we will discuss the preferred size, design, and colors.

  2. Crafting the Design and Dying the Wool

    Once we have crafted the perfect design and carefully chosen the colors, we will provide you with a draft design and images of the dyed wool, so as to ensure you obtain the desired look.

  3. Hand-Crafting the Rug

    Watch this video to see the entire rug-making process.

  4. Delivery

    Upon the completion of your exquisite handmade luxury rug, it will embark on a remarkable 10,000 mile adventure spanning the rugged terrain of Afghanistan's majestic mountains, a trans-Atlantic voyage, and culminating in its arrival at The Rug Mine in San Diego, California.

Common Questions

How long will it take to make the rug?

Creating a bespoke handmade rug may require anywhere from one to eight months of meticulous work, depending on the size, knots per square inch, and location of the rug’s creation. Various other factors may also affect the timeline.

Here is a general idea of the current lead times:

  • 6x8:            2-3 months
  • 7x10:          3-4 months
  • 8x10:          4-5 months
  • 9x12:          5-6 months
  • 10x14:        6-8 months

Please note that our lead times are reflective of our commitment to fair trade and ethical labor practices. We deeply respect the humanity of our artisans — they are valued and highly independent professionals with lives, families, and the right to rest. We do not endorse or engage in forced labor, and therefore, our partner artisans work at a pace that honors their well-being and craftsmanship. Consequently, our lead times may be longer than what is typical in the industry. Additionally, factors such as political and social unrest may occasionally influence these timelines, as the safety and stability of our artisans are paramount. We appreciate your understanding and patience, as each purchase contributes to the support and fair treatment of our artisan community.

Can I refuse to accept the rug?

To provide you with the bespoke rug you desire, we will undertake a rigorous process from the outset. We take pride in the amount of time, resources and craftsmanship that go into creating your unique heirloom, and therefore we are unable to accept returns.

When do I pay for the rug?

Before we begin the journey of crafting your heirloom rug, a 50% deposit will be required to begin the process of crafting it for your home. Upon completion, the balance of the agreed-upon amount is to be paid so that the handmade piece of luxury may be shipped to you.