Our Values

Our vision is to deliver a piece of authentic art, history, and culture into people’s homes everywhere. We are driven by a desire to make all people feel good in their spaces: cozy, comfortable, and creative. To achieve this, our mission is to help you select a beautiful, durable, and high-quality rug that will last as an heirloom over family generations to come.


Our commitment to authenticity is not just carried out in our products’ authentic sourcing from Afghanistan. We also strive for authenticity in our client relationships, with a promise to honestly communicate and do the right thing in each and every interaction.


Our rugs are handmade, by seasoned artisans, who pay rigorous attention to quality through the entire life of a rug.  That is why the average rug can take up to a year to create, sometimes more. This means — like any great work of art — that time is an essential ingredient in our build process and supply chain.  And just like our focus on the quality of our rugs, we pay special attention to the quality of our service to you.


Artisans are the heart and soul of our small business. We seek to uplift them by purchasing organic materials locally, including our hand-spun wool and natural dyes. As a female-owned small business, we strive to empower Afghan women. The majority of the weavers we work with are female artisans.

You can learn more about how Nargis sources her rugs by clicking here.


Family is a major guiding theme in our business. In addition to being a family-oriented business, we strive to treat each and every one of our artisans and clients like family. Family is also one of the first criteria we consider when hand-selecting our rugs. We strive to ensure our rugs can not only support our artisans through ethical sourcing, but also support your memories across lifetimes and generations.