Ace - 3x7 Kilim Runner Rug

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Style: Kilim Runner Rug

Dimensions: 2'8” x 6'9" | 82 x 206 cm
Condition: New

Primary color: Cream
Accent colors: Beige, Orange, Brick Red, Blood Red, Grey, Blue, Olive Green, Moss Green, Teal, Yellow                                                                                                        Pattern: Geometric                                                                                                                Shape: Rectangle

Origin: Made in Afghanistan
Materials: 100% hand-spun wool
Construction: Flatweave

Bring a splash of color and culture into your home with this vibrant, handwoven Afghan kilim rug. Bursting with an array of colors from a sunlit spectrum—fiery reds, serene blues, and earthy greens—this rug tells a tale of tradition with its bold geometric patterns that capture the eye and imagination. Each triangle, diamond, and zigzag is a tribute to the heritage and storytelling woven into the fabric of Afghan artisanry.

Crafted with the finest hand-spun wool and natural dyes, this kilim is not just a rug; it's a statement piece that celebrates the spirit of fair trade and the empowerment of the artisans who made it. The texture is as rich as its history, offering both visual intrigue and a story that connects you to the heart of Afghanistan's creative legacy.

Fair Trade. Authentic. Handmade. New.

This is a handmade, one-of-a-kind item. It is common for variations in wear, color and dimensions to occur. Depending on the lighting in your home and the light display setting on the device, the colors of our rugs may look different in your home.

Ethically Sourced

We know what goes into our rugs and who makes them. We don't cut corners for you or the artisan.

Cleaning & Care

Handmade rugs with natural dyes can last for generations with proper care.


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