San Marcos mother helps homeland of Afghanistan by selling handmade rugs and sharing profits

The Rug Mine: A Beacon of Hope and Artistry Featured on CBS

In an inspiring feature by CBS's Zevely Zone, The Rug Mine's profound journey from concept to reality was brought to light, showcasing the remarkable story of Nargis Habib, a San Marcos mother whose early life under Taliban rule shaped a vision of empowerment and change through the art of rug making. Located in Vista, Calif., The Rug Mine stands as a testament to resilience, luxury, and the spirit of Afghan artisans, particularly women, who hand-knot each piece with stories woven into every thread.

Nargis Habib, the heart and soul behind The Rug Mine, shared her poignant memories of studying in secret on Afghan carpets, under the shadow of oppression. These experiences, rather than deterring her, fueled a desire to make a difference for the women in Afghanistan. Today, with The Rug Mine, Nargis not only brings luxury Afghan rugs to the global market but also champions a fair-trade program that directly benefits the artisans, offering them hope, dignity, and a share in the success of every rug sold.

The CBS story beautifully captures the Grand Opening of The Rug Mine, inviting viewers into a world where luxury meets legacy. Each rug, as highlighted by Nargis's husband Jawid, is a narrative of Afghanistan's joy and pain, a physical representation of the country's rich culture and tumultuous history.

As The Rug Mine continues to flourish, it remains a beacon of hope—not just for the artisans it supports but also for customers around the world who, with every purchase, contribute to a brighter future for Afghanistan. Nargis's dream of taking her daughters back to a free Afghanistan is a powerful reminder of the impact that dedication, love, and community can have in weaving a better world.

Discover the luxury, the stories, and the heart behind every handcrafted rug at The Rug Mine. Join us in making a difference, one beautiful rug at a time.

For a closer look at our story and to see the rugs that are weaving new futures, click here.

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