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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fold an Afghan or Oriental Rug for Storage, Moving, or Shipping

In this step-by-step guide, Nargis shows us one way to fold a handmade, hand-knotted Afghan rug for storage, moving, or shipping.

  1. Folding the rug.  First, place the rug down flat on the floor and fold the two vertical sides of the rug. Make sure there is a 3-4 finger gap in between the two sides.
  2. Fold the rug in half.  With the two sides folded, fold the rug in half by placing one side of the folded rug on the other.
  3. Roll the rug.  Finally, roll the rug from one end to the other, preferably in the direction of the pile (the direction that feels smoother when you run your hands across it).  When you're folding the rug, smooth it out as you roll.  You'll notice a little hump form just underneath the roll.  Don't force the next roll through that hump.  Rather, lift the rug to go over the hump, hug the hump, and then start Step 3 all over again.  This ensures that you're not damaging the rug's pile.

If you ever have any questions about rolling your rug for storage, shipment, or moving, please contact Nargis.

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