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Why do you see Nargis's hand in product pictures and videos?

You've probably noticed that every rug in my collection has a few pictures and a video showing my right hand holding the rug.  These images are now woven into my brand (pun intended)!  But why do I show my hands?

As the owner of The Rug Mine, I take pride in showing my clients the quality, colors, and authenticity of each rug I offer. My favorite (but most time-consuming) part of this process is taking photos and videos of each rug, which I post on my website. To show that my clients are getting the best quality Afghan rugs, I always take at least one picture of the rug in my hand for each rug.

Hands are the spirit that breathe life into handmade rugs! From the initial wool shearing, to the weave, and to the final finishing touches, and even until the point the rug reaches your home, hands are part of every step of the process.  By holding the rug in my hand, I'm telling my clients that my rugs are not the ordinary and mundane rug thrown on the web to make another sale — but rather, through imagery, I'm personally ensuring that each rug I offer is properly woven, dyed, and finished

I also take pictures of the rugs in my hand because it can help my clients better imagine what the rug might feel like if they stepped into my shoes and held the rug in their hand. The rug's texture and weight can be difficult to capture in a photo, but by taking a picture or video of it in my hand, I can show my client's the rug's true beauty and feel.


While taking pictures of the rugs in my hand is time-consuming and laborious, I still enjoy it. It gives me great pride and satisfaction to know that, in a very small way, I'm involved in the rug-making process by helping to ensure you receive a superior-quality rug before it reaches your home! It also reminds my clients that that there is an essential human element behind the rug-making process.

In the end, taking at least one picture of each rug in my hand is an important part of the Rug Mine shopping experience. It allows me to give you — the client — extra confidence that I'm personally involved in ensuring you receive the highest-quality Afghan rug. It also allows clients to better imagine what the rug might feel like if they were to hold it in their hand. While it is a difficult part of my job, this process gives me great pride and satisfaction and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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