Heather - 5x7 Area Rug

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Style: Area rug
5'3" x 6'9" | 161 x 206 cm
Condition: New

Primary color: Grey
Accent color: Brick Red, Beige, Ivory, Cream, Sky Blue, Denim Blue, Orange, Green

Origin: Made in Afghanistan
100% hand-spun wool with a cotton foundation
Construction: Hand-knotted

Genuine. Authentic. Handmade.

This is a hand-made, one-of-a-kind item. It is common for slight variations in wear, color and dimensions to occur. Depending on the lighting in your home and the light display setting on the device, the colors of my rugs may look slightly different in your home. I take photos of my rugs outdoors and away from direct sunlight, as these conditions allow for the rug's true colors to show in my pictures. The lighting in your space (assuming it's indoors) might be darker, and that might affect how you perceive the rug in under such lighting conditions (i.e., it might look darker from your perspective than what you see in my photos). If you still have doubts about the rug's true colors, please contact me, and I will set up a live video session where you can view the rug in various lighting conditions. Variations in color, pattern, and signs of wear in new and vintage rugs are normal and only enhance their charm.


Ethically Sourced

We know what goes into our rugs and who makes them. We don't cut corners for you or the artisan.

Cleaning & Care

Handmade rugs with natural dyes can last for generations with proper care.


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