The Rug Mine is fortunate to be located near San Diego, California — one of the top destinations in the world!  San Diego is known for its beaches, year-round gorgeous weather, world-famous theme parks, museums and art galleries, and so much more!  Our showroom is nestled between three charming cities (Vista, Carlsbad, and San Marcos), and we're only about 15 minutes from the beaches and Legoland! 

Considering we're located in the world's finest city, we thought, what better way to welcome clients visiting San Diego than with The Rug Mine Airline Promotion?!

If you're visiting San Diego (for any reason) and decide to visit the showroom, The Rug Mine will reimburse up to $1000 of your airline expenses (the "Reimbursement") if:

  1. you purchase merchandise for a total purchase price equal to or greater than $10,000 USD; and
  2. the merchandise is not returned (meaning, the 45-day return period expires).

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The Airline Promotions's ("Airline Promotion") terms and conditions (the "Agreement") are between you, the Client, and The Rug Mine, LLC ("The Rug Mine"). 

To be eligible for the Airline Promotion as a Client under this Agreement, you must agree to the following conditions:

    1. You're an eligible "Client": to be an eligible client, you agree to that (a) you are not a resident of San Diego County, (b) you are visiting San Diego County by airplane, (c) you scheduled an appointment with Nargis to visit the showroom at 1495 Poinsettia Avenue, Suite 150, Vista, CA 92108, and (d) Nargis confirmed your appointment date and time in writing (hereinafter, the "Client"). 

    2. Total purchase price: your total purchase price from your purchases with The Rug Mine must be greater than or equal to $10,000 USD, after all discounts and promotions are added, excluding taxes.  So for example, if The Rug Mine is offering a 10% discount promotion, and you purchase a total of $10,000 in rugs, you will not quality for this promotion, because the total purchase price will be $9,000 after adding the discount ($10,000-10%=$9,000). 

    3. Proof of travel: you must present The Rug Mine proof of purchase for airline tickets by presenting an official receipt by the airline which shows the dollar value of the tickets. Airline points are not valid forms of proof.  Your showroom appointment must fall within your departure and return dates.  

    4. Returns and exchanges: in exchange for receiving the Refund, (a) you will not return the merchandise, (b) you will not exchange the merchandise for something else, and (c) you will not seek additional discounts, credits, exchanges, or any other form of compensation through civil or injunctive relief after the Return Period expires.

    5. Time and method of payment for the Reimbursement: you will receive the Reimbursement after the 45-day return period expires under the Return Policy's "Returns" section ("Return Period").  The Rug Mine will deposit the Reimbursement funds as a credit to whichever form of payment you used to purchase the merchandise (e.g., debit or credit card).  If you paid using cash, The Rug Mine will send you the Reimbursement via money order or check.

Any rug(s) purchased through the Airline Promotion will be shipped to your address — anywhere in the world — free of charge (international duties and taxes are excluded). 

The Rug Mine's Terms of Service are incorporated by reference to this Airline Promotion.